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Think it’s easy to find a job with a Humanities degree? Think again! This week we discuss some of the perils and pitfalls plaguing Humanities graduate students seeking stable employment opportunities. Though there has been a general increase in graduate student enrollment, cost of tuition fees and student loan debt there has not been an increase in available permanent jobs to accommodate the increasing numbers. More and more students and graduate are forced into contract-based jobs with little stability. We discuss these issues and the current (un)employment scene. What can be done to turn this situation around for the next crop of graduating students?


In this episode of the Inquisitive Minds Podcast, we have decided to discuss a chapter from Russell T. McCutcheon's book, The Discipline of Religion: Structure, Meaning, Rhetoric (2013). Our podcast focuses on chapter 6 entitled, "Alienation, Apprenticeship, and the Crisis of Academic Labor." This section addresses important questions related to the discipline of religious studies and the current expectations placed on graduate students if they wish to have a shot at an academic job! McCutcheon rightly notes that, "... pre-professional candidates must meet such professional standards as peer-reviewed publication, excellence in teaching, and public presentation of their research at conferences before even gaining entrance to the profession. It was and still is a market in which candidates may very well have a more extensive publication record than many of the people interviewing them. It is a market in which, at many schools, it takes far superior credentials to get a job interview (let alone the job!) than it might have taken one's interviewers to have been awarded tenure."

Please note that this is our last podcast of the season. We will resume our episodes around mid-September. Have a great summer and hope you can take this time to re-listen or catch up on the podcast!

This week we interview a special guest, Brice C. Jones, former co-host of the Inquisitive Minds Podcast and newly minted PhD. Brice is a historian of Antiquity and specializes in the fields of papyrology and Early Christianity. In this podcast, we asked Brice about his academic journey as a Graduate student and his doctoral research. We also talked about specific aspects of his research on amulets and textual criticism. 

Please note that from now on episodes of the Inquisitive Minds Podcast will air every two weeks.


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