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This is the last episode of a three part series on the Gospel of Thomas. This week, André Gagné discusses how recent research on the Nag Hammadi codices can shed light on the possible context of the Thomasine gospel. In this episode, Gagné notes important questions have been raised by Hugo Lundhaug and Lance Jenott in their book, The Monastic Origins of the Nag Hammadi Codices (Mohr Siebeck, 2015), which can also be helpful in gaining a better understanding on the prodiction milieu of Thomas. In paying attention to the codicological features of the tractates, for example, one might gain insight into who owned the codices and what purpose they might have served.

*Please note that this is our 100th episode! We wish to thank all of our listerners throughtout the years. This episode is the last one of the season. We will resume our podcast around mid-September. Have a great summer and we hope you can take this time to re-listen or catch up on past episodes!


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