Inquisitive Minds Podcast Critical Thinking on History, Religion, Politics and Culture

March 23, 2015  
This week on the Inquisitive Minds Podcast, we discuss how secular people cope with hardships and death. In his book, The Secular Life, Phil Zuckerman speaks of how secular people endure life's difficulties through their connection with others, and how they also learn to be more self-reliant. They are less inclined to try to find meaning and purpose in their hardships. Life happens and nothing supernatural is responsible for its outcome. The same goes for death. The fear of death is what leads many people to embrace religion. But secular individuals hold firm to the idea that there is but one life to live. Therefore, we must seize, savor and be opened to it. Death is part of life, and since we live only once, living life to the fullest and caring for those around us is of utmost importance.

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